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Ани Лорак и Александр Пономарев  ---  100 kisses (караоке)








Анi Лорак, Александр Пономарев "100 kisses"
She is so sweet and so shine
She likes to come to all the stars in the sky
She sees his face every day
But when she comes close to him
She feels lost to say

1 hundred kisses
Is all that she misses
It thousand touches
Standing in harts
1 hundred moments
Was magic and romance
And beating of two
Loving harts

He is so strong and so smart
He is a dream of every lady’s hart
He sees her face every day
But when he comes close to her
He feels lost to say

1 hundred kisses...
It thousand touches...
Was magic and romance...
Of two loving harts... 




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